3 things!

  1. Pick Food Up is a service where by customers can place orders with available restaurants.
  2. Pick Food Up is a powerful tool that restaurant owners can use to make their menus available online. Pick Food Up is makes it possible for restaurant owners to accept orders online.
  3. A Zulu Shack Creative creation during this time of need and uncertainty in the world. We wanted to put our skills to use and create a helpful tool, to help us connect again and enjoy the meals we love.


We are currently serving customers in the United States. If you live or have a restaurant in the USA, you will be able to use the service.

The platform is free to use!We only ask you adhere to our Terms & Conditions.

Zulu Shack Creative created Pick Food Up, to pay it forward, we would love for you to recommend us if you enjoying the system. Also by displaying what we can do we hope to convert some of you as our customers, where we can build some cool websites for you and meet your digital needs.

Yes, this is the one thing you would need to pay for though. We have partnered with Authorize.net & Harbour Touch. The monthly cost is $6 per month for your Merchant Account, and $24 per month for the integration. These costs help us manage support items around accepting cards. Please note you will need to make sure your Terms and Conditions are in order too.

Just like a normal customer! Simply sign up and view your dashboard. You will see a button called 'Add My Restaurant', this will allow you to add your restaurant for review.

Generally a couple of hours, we are based in Florida so please keep the time difference in mind. We will need to call you and make sure your address checks out on Google. So please make sure all of your details are as accurate as they can be.

While we tried to think of the most common cuisines, we understand we may have missed a few. So please use the 'Request a Feature' tool in your dashboard and we will forward it to our hard-working dev team. In the meantime, simply select 'Other', you can update later.

No worries, we can guide you through your application and help you finish the items you may have missed.

Selecting a Time Zone, will make sure your store clock and orders have the correct time.

There could be a few reasons for this:

  1. The restaurant owner has chosen to only show their contact card and not provide a menu.
  2. The restaurant owner has chosen to only display his menu, for call in only.


You will only be able to place orders with the restaurant owner within operating hours set by the store owner. Why not order for the next day, and keep the support going ;)

Absolutely! While we do not offer integrations with popular delivery services just yet, this is something you would need to manage with your staff

Your restaurant dashboard does allow you to create deliveries and mark them as complete.